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100_7043PWe have two unique and specialized facilities. The first serves our local Weatherford, Texas automatic transmission rebuilding and repair customers. We also do torque converter rebuilding and balancing, clutch repair, flywheel repair and machining, rear axle and differential repair and service, transfer case and 4X4 repair and service, and overdrive conversions on both modern and vintage cars and trucks.

The other is to provide our U.S. and international customers the very best in custom-built high-performance transmissions, torque converters, adapters, and a wide variety of installation kits and components needed for hot rods, customs, muscle cars, 4X4’s, industrial uses, and all high-performance applications.

To enable you to get right where you want to be as quickly as possible, we ask you to choose which of these divisions is most suited to your specific needs. With your choice we also provide specific information most relevent to your interests so we can get right down to doing the best job we know how to and provide the best components and services available. Each customer is important to us and is given the attention and courtesy we feel is essential to good, honest business with your complete satisfaction in mind.






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