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  • #PT350HD


    Our heavy duty 350 is a perfect replacement trans for those seeking a stronger and better performing trans but don't need nor want a street/strip type trans. This is a great transmission for engine applications up to 325hp. Trans is built with heavy duty clutch packs, shift improvement, and durability modifications. Includes our heavy duty torque converter with 1600-1800 stall speed. A lot of trans for a little money.

  • #PTP350SS


    Our heavy duty trans with a lot more performance built in, including semi-automatic shifting which allows you to manually upshift or downshift or let the trans shift automatically. This transmission is rated for engines with up to 450hp. The trans also features a special intermediate sprag race and high rpm governor. A great trans for hot rodding around and occasional racing. Includes our 2000-2200 stall converter.

  • #PTP400HD


    Our heavy duty 400 features heavy duty clutches and bands, valve body and lube modifications to provide a durable transmission ideal for light trucks and passenger cars. Comes with our heavy duty 1500-1700 stall converter. This unit is rated to 400HP/450 lbs of TQ and is available in both Chevy and Buick, Olds, Pontiac and Cadillac applications.

  • #PTP3504x4HD


    This specially modified 4x4 transmission incorporates an oversized low reverse sprag assembly, heavy duty intermediate sprag, heavy duty band and performance clutch packs. The valve body features modifications for manual control of up and downshifts as well as fully automatic shifting as well as higher operating and lube pressure for increased performance and maximum durability. This trans includes our Torque Max converter with stall speed optimized for ideal off road and towing use. Output shafts available to fit most transfer case applications.

  • #PTP400SS


    Our heavy duty 400 with higher capacity clutch packs, Kevlar band, high capacity 34 element sprag race and semi-automatic valve body, which allows you to select gears manually, or leave it in drive for full automatic shifting. This trans includes out 2000-2200 stall converter and is a great choice for the weekend warrior with up to 600 horsepower and a heavy foot.

  • #PT4004x4HD


    This specially modified 4x4 transmission uses the heavy duty case with provision for bolt on dust cover, and features upgraded clutch packs, 34 element intermediate sprag, heavy duty low sprag, heavy duty low and intermediate band, full manual up and downshift control as well as fully automatic shifting, high output pump, and a host of durability modifications to make this transmission a strong and reliable component to your off road vehicle. This transmission includes our Torque Max torque converter with stall speed optimized for off road and towing use. Several output shaft styles available to fit a variety of transfer case applications.

  • #PTP400ST


    Our next step up from the 400SS features Carbon/Kevlar reinforced bands, high capacity 34 element sprag race and semi-automatic valve body, which allows you to select gears manually, or leave it in drive for full automatic shifting. This trans features a 6 clutch direct clutch pack with semi metallic frictions and a billet steel forward clutch hub to improve the horsepower rating to 725HP. This trans includes our 400HS high stall converter with up to 2500 stall, and additional converter choices are optional up to 4000 stall if needed. This trans is great choice for the 572 Crate engines as well as any high output Big block.

  • #PTP350SX


    This is our strongest 350 capable of horsepower and torque in excess of 600Lbs If you want the ratios and size of the 350 but the strength and capacity of a 400 then this is the perfect choice for you. This transmission features a custom machined High clutch drum with 36 element intermediate sprag, 5 high performance clutches in both the forward and direct clutch pack, extra wide hi performance low reverse sprag with wider outer race, and the choice of either a semi automatic or full manual hi performance valve body. In addition to these features this model includes our "Torque Max" torque converter with stall speed up to 2500 rpm, a hardened drive hub with anti balloon plate and hardened turbine hub.

  • #PT700R4HD


    Our heavy duty replacement model for vehicles originally equipped with the 700 or those wanting to upgrade to an overdrive with a maximum of 325 horsepower. This model features over 25 upgrades and modification to improve durability and performance and comes with our heavy duty lock-up torque converter with stall speed up to 1800 rpm.

  • #PT700R4ZZ


    This is a special edition trans we have developed to use with the very popular and powerful ZZ4 crate engine. This transmission is calibrated to bring out the best of this engine's power and torque curves and includes out ZZ4 Torque-Max torque converter. If you are considering this engine for your car or truck this trans will bring out the best in its performance and economy.

  • #PT700R4RJ


    This custom version of our 700 is modified to respond to the tremendous torque output of the Ram-Jet engine.  A combination of the durability and performance mods of our ZZ and RV transmissions with stall and speed shift calibrations matched to this awesome fuel injected crate motor.

  • #PT400SX


    This is the trans of choice for high output engines up to 850HP. The 400Sx has a modified pump for higher operating pressure, 300M input shaft and re-broached forward clutch drum with larger spline contact area, 300M input clutch hub, semi metallic frictions, Kevlar lined front band with reinforced anchor points, extra direct clutch, 34 element intermediate sprag, improved design low reverse sprag, upgraded center support and customized valve body and governor with both automatic or semi automatic shift selection. The transmission is performance clearanced during the build including clutch packs and gear train as well as final endplay. Low drum is machined and a wider band used, low/second accumulator is modified for quicker band release. All external hardware is cad plated and the pan is a new, heavy steel part to resist leakage.

  • #PT700R4RV


    Our heavy duty trans with additional modifications to handle up to 450 hp in heavy vehicles such as pick-ups and Suburban's. Our special heavy duty torque converter with towing modifications is included. This is the ideal unit for the person with a warmed up small block or mild big block who tows a boat or a camper on weekends, but doesn't want to sacrifice drivability and economy during the week. This is also an excellent choice for the Streetrodder who would like the durability and economy this unit provides without the higher stall speed and aggressive shifts of the street/strip version.

  • #PT2004RHD


    Heavy duty replacement trans, built and modified for up to 300hp, includes heavy duty lock-up torque converter and stall speed available up to 1800rpm.

  • #PT700R4HD4x4


    Our heavy duty replacement trans for 4 wheel drive pick-ups and Blazers is packed with additional upgrades to handle up to 450 horsepower and the additional strain of oversized tires and off-road use. This trans also includes our 4x4 torque converter with stall speed modified for off-road and towing use. This transmission features the factory ”K” case with provision for bolt on aluminum dust cover and block supports and is designed as a direct replacement for GM four wheel drive trucks originally equipped with a 700R4 transmission.

  • #PT700R4SS


    Our street/strip version features over 40 performance and durability upgrades and modifications. These include: high load capacity sprags, high energy friction and band, increased pump volume and pressure, and more to provide the highest level of performance and economy possible. This is a great trans for Streetrods, Muscle Cars, and Sport Trucks whose owners crave the awesome acceleration and tire-spinning, wide open throttle shifts this trans is built for. This trans comes with our High Performance "Torque Max" torque converter with stall speed up to 2600 rpm. This trans is rated 450 horsepower and 500 lbs. of torque.

  • #PT2004RSS


    Street/Strip trans features modified high performance pump, hardened stator and reaction shell, increased capacity Borg Warner clutch packs, high performance band, modified valve body, single wire lockup system and high performance servo for up to 390hp, Also includes or Torque Max street/strip torque converter which comes with heavy duty clutch, fully tig welded construction and full needle bearings, stall speed available to 2600rpm.

  • #PT700R4ST


    This transmission was developed to fill the gap between the SS and SX model 700R4's we offer. The ST has all of the SS model modifications and also features the stronger input drum and reaction shell of the SX model along with the modified reverse input drum and special performance band. This is a great choice for cruiser oriented vehicles with up to 500 horsepower. This trans comes with our "Torque Max" converter with up to 2600 rpm stall speed.

  • #PT4L60E HD/RV

    from $2,568.30

    Our heavy duty truck and off/road 4L60E is modified with increased clutch capacity, upgraded electronics, modified pump and valve body, bonded steel apply pistons, alloy accumulator pistons, high output boost valve and pressure regulator assembly, high rpm pump rings and Torrington vanes, Borg Warner 29 element dual cage input sprag, Borg warner low sprag, and a host of other modifications to produce a reliable trans capable of handling up to 400 horsepower. Perfect for towing, four wheeling or spirited street driving this is an excellent upgrade for your tired original transmission. Comes with our Heavy Duty torque Converter with carbon clutch, furnace brazing and hardened hub.

  • #PT4L60E4x4HD

    from $2,596.44

    This is the 4x4 version of our RV model with unique 4x4 style case and output shaft. Comes with our Torque Max torque converter with stall speed optimized for the kind of driving you do whether towing or off road trail driving.

  • #PT700R4SX


    This is our strongest version of the 700R4 and is rated at 575 horsepower and 600 lbs. of torque in vehicles up to 3700 lbs. We take all the modifications and upgrades from our PT700R4SS and add Billet second and fourth gear Servo assemblies , heavy duty reaction sun shell, 5 pinion rear planet, additional 3-4 clutch for a full 8 clutch pack, and a host of other durability and performance modifications to create the strongest 700R4 available. Comes with our ‘TORQUE-MAX’ torque converter in stall speeds up to 2600 rpm. If you are looking for the strongest, toughest performance 700R4, look no further; this is the trans for you!

  • #PT4L60ESS

    from $2,781.91

    Our street/strip version of the 4L60E is designed for the performance enthusiast. This trans features our High performance pump with high rpm pump rings, Torrington vanes, high output boost valve and pressure regulator assembly, special valve body and servo assembly,alloy accumulator pistons, TCC and AFL valve replacement, steel bonded apply pistons, 29 element dual cage input sprag,Borg warner low tension low sprag assembly, special modified sun gear shell, increased clutch capacity, performance servo, updated electronics, increased operating pressure and lube mods and a host of other modifications. Comes with our Street/Strip torque converter with carbon clutch, furnace brazing, hardened hub, and stall speeds up to 2600 rpm. Rated to 425HP this is a great choice for Corvettes, F-bodies and Impala owners who modify their vehicles.

  • #PT4L60EST

    from $2,837.00

    This trans is the next stage up from our SS model and is rated for up to 500HP and 525Lbs TQ. Features all of the SS modifications plus and improved sun gear shell design specially machined for high rpm use, A high energy friction 8 clutch 3-4 clutch kit and reinforced input clutch drum assembly with high rev spring kit allowing operation to 6500rpm. Includes our Torque Max torque converter with stall speeds up to 2600rpm.

  • #PT2004RSX


    This is our strongest available 2004R for those who can’t step to a 700R4 or 4L80E due to space restrictions or just like a little tighter gear spread than the 700R4. This unit is rated to 550HP and 600Lbs of torque and features increased capacity clutch packs with high performance frictions and steels, induction hardened forward clutch drum, modified direct clutch drum, high performance band, billet servo, high performance pump with billet rings and vanes and shot peened rotor, high output pressure and lube system, modified governor and high performance modified valve body for impressive and durable shift performance. This unit also includes our premium “Torque Max” torque converter with super duty clutch and damper, furnace brazed and tig reinforced fins, one piece anti balloon hub, hardened turbine splines and custom stator in stall speeds up to 2600rpm.



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