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  • #PTGM18CHD


    1400-1600 stall heavy duty converter for stock or Mild engines up to 450HP. Great for towing, 4x4 or RV’s Furnace brazed bowl, fully tig reinforced turbine, heavy duty Clutch and dampener.

  • #PTGM18S


    1800-2000 stall converter for mild engines needing a little extra stall speed. Furnace brazed and tig welded construction with a high performance clutch.

  • #PTGM18SS


    2000-2200 stall converter for hotter street engines. Great choice for ZZ4 crate engines or those looking for some extra Low end punch. Furnace brazed and fully tig reinforced. Dual Bearings and heavy duty dampener with high performance clutch.

  • #PTGM18HS


    2400-2600 stall converter. Special high stall stator with dual Bearings, furnace brazed and fully tig reinforced. Heaviest duty Dampener and high performance clutch. The best choice for street strip use in mild to medium sized cam applications. Makes huge performance Gains in Impala SS, Z-28, Trans Am, GTO and Corvette. Extremely streetable.

  • #PTGM18HSX


    Same as our PTGM18HS but with anti ballooning plates for Supercharged or NOS equipped vehicles.

  • #PTGM18/245


    Save 20%

    This is the next step for those needing a higher stall converter than can be achieved with the 298MM torque converter as used in the 2004R,700R4, 4l60E and 4L65E.

  • #PTGM18/258HS Billet Cover


    This converter has a flash stall speed of up to 3200 rpm but drives like a much tighter converter.


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