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    This is our strongest version of the 700R4 and is rated at 575 horsepower and 600 lbs. of torque in vehicles up to 3700 lbs. We take all the modifications and upgrades from our PT700R4SS and add Billet second and fourth gear Servo assemblies , heavy duty reaction sun shell, 5 pinion rear planet, additional 3-4 clutch for a full 8 clutch pack, and a host of other durability and performance modifications to create the strongest 700R4 available. Comes with our ‘TORQUE-MAX’ torque converter in stall speeds up to 2600 rpm. If you are looking for the strongest, toughest performance 700R4, look no further; this is the trans for you!

  • #PT4L60ESS

    from $2,781.91

    Our street/strip version of the 4L60E is designed for the performance enthusiast. This trans features our High performance pump with high rpm pump rings, Torrington vanes, high output boost valve and pressure regulator assembly, special valve body and servo assembly,alloy accumulator pistons, TCC and AFL valve replacement, steel bonded apply pistons, 29 element dual cage input sprag,Borg warner low tension low sprag assembly, special modified sun gear shell, increased clutch capacity, performance servo, updated electronics, increased operating pressure and lube mods and a host of other modifications. Comes with our Street/Strip torque converter with carbon clutch, furnace brazing, hardened hub, and stall speeds up to 2600 rpm. Rated to 425HP this is a great choice for Corvettes, F-bodies and Impala owners who modify their vehicles.

  • #PT4L60EST

    from $2,837.00

    This trans is the next stage up from our SS model and is rated for up to 500HP and 525Lbs TQ. Features all of the SS modifications plus and improved sun gear shell design specially machined for high rpm use, A high energy friction 8 clutch 3-4 clutch kit and reinforced input clutch drum assembly with high rev spring kit allowing operation to 6500rpm. Includes our Torque Max torque converter with stall speeds up to 2600rpm.

  • #PT2004RSX


    This is our strongest available 2004R for those who can’t step to a 700R4 or 4L80E due to space restrictions or just like a little tighter gear spread than the 700R4. This unit is rated to 550HP and 600Lbs of torque and features increased capacity clutch packs with high performance frictions and steels, induction hardened forward clutch drum, modified direct clutch drum, high performance band, billet servo, high performance pump with billet rings and vanes and shot peened rotor, high output pressure and lube system, modified governor and high performance modified valve body for impressive and durable shift performance. This unit also includes our premium “Torque Max” torque converter with super duty clutch and damper, furnace brazed and tig reinforced fins, one piece anti balloon hub, hardened turbine splines and custom stator in stall speeds up to 2600rpm.

  • #PT4L80EHD


    Our heavy duty replacement trans and converter available with or without controller. Extensively modified to provide clean crisp shifts, improved oiling, stabilized pressure and updated electronics this is a great choice for those seeking to replace an original trans or change over for 3/4 or 1 ton chassis interested in reduced engine rpm and all its benefits.

  • #PT4L80ESS


    Our street/strip version of the mighty 4L80E made stronger with high energy clutches and bands, improved electronics, modified high output pump and valve body, 34 element intermediate sprag and a host of other modifications and upgrades including all new electronics and internal harness. Converter stall speeds up to 2500 rpm are available in this package. This unit is good to 675 horsepower and is the perfect choice for “big power” crate engines, stroker motors, and mild supercharged and turbo applications.

  • #PT4L60ESX / PT4L65ESX/4L70ESX

    from $3,562.36

    Rated to 575hp, this is our strongest version of the 4L60E/4l65E/4L70E and is far more durable than even the factory models of these transmissions. In addition to all the mods we make to our SS model transmission, this unit is equipped with the genuine OE style 5 pinion planetary,( not the wimpy aftermarket 5 pinion planets with inferior castings), larger torrington bearings and a hardened reaction hub. The input drum is modified to resist breakage and forward piston replaced with a stronger design, the Reaction sun shell is replaced with a super duty shell which is substantially thicker in the fragile spline area than even the latest GM upgraded shell. We use billet servo assemblies for both the second and 4th gear servo for unparallel holding force but with streetable shift comfort. The Reverse drum is modified and a High Carbon 2-4 band with reinforced anchor points. The ¾ clutch pack has increased capacity of a stock pack and uses special spring sets in the spring packs to help prevent centrifugal apply at high rpm. The pump and valve body are extensively upgraded and modified for increased oil volume and pressure and the TCC circuit is modified for positive converter clutch application. These units come with our Torque Max torque converter with clutches tailored to your specific ECM programming. Standard stall speeds are available from 1600 up to 2500 rpm but stall speeds up to 4500 are available as an extra cost option.

  • #PTP4L80EST


    All the modifications of our SS model plus a billet steel input clutch hub, a 6 clutch high performance Direct clutch pack and a wider carbon /Kevlar intermediate band which boosts HP capacity to the 750HP mark for those that need a bit more than the SS model offers but not quite the extreme of the SX model.



    This is the fully computer controlled version of the AOD which does away with the T.V. cable and allows the user to custom tune shift points, shift firmness and lock up points from in the cockpit without a laptop or PC thanks to the included COMPUSHIFT transmission controller. This transmission is rated to 425 horsepower and has upgraded valve body, internal electronics, clutch packs, bands and servos for outstanding performance and durability. Transmission includes Torque Max converter with stall speed up to 2500RPM.

  • #PTP4L80ESX


    This is the 4L80E of choice for most applications up to 850 horsepower. This trans features all the components and upgrades of the SS model with the addition of a 300m billet steel input shaft, high strength billet clutch hub, extra capacity high energy clutch packs and bands as well as additional shift and durability modifications to handle Huge horsepower and torque. The SX transmission includes our 2500 stall torque converter, but can be optioned with stall speeds up to 4500rpm,Also available with upgrades for extreme applications beyond 1000HP, ask your sales person for details.



    This is our strongest version of the AODE/4R70W and incorporates all of the SS model modifications in addition to a mechanical diode sprag assembly , extra capacity overdrive band, increased capacity clutch packs, additional valve body and durability modifications, and special intermediate shaft. This trans also includes our 2300-2500 stall Torque Max torque converter and is available with optional stall speeds up to 4500 if needed .This trans and converter are rated to 500HP and 550lbs of torque and include the pre programmed Compushift computer system which allows easy adjustment of shift points and lockup without a laptop or PC hookup.



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