This is our strongest available 2004R for those who can’t step to a 700R4 or 4L80E due to space restrictions or just like a little tighter gear spread than the 700R4. This unit is rated to 550HP and 600Lbs of torque and features increased capacity clutch packs with high performance frictions and steels, induction hardened forward clutch drum, modified direct clutch drum, high performance band, billet servo, high performance pump with billet rings and vanes and shot peened rotor, high output pressure and lube system, modified governor and high performance modified valve body for impressive and durable shift performance. This unit also includes our premium “Torque Max” torque converter with super duty clutch and damper, furnace brazed and tig reinforced fins, one piece anti balloon hub, hardened turbine splines and custom stator in stall speeds up to 2600rpm.



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