Rated to 575hp, this is our strongest version of the 4L60E/4l65E/4L70E and is far more durable than even the factory models of these transmissions. In addition to all the mods we make to our SS model transmission, this unit is equipped with the genuine OE style 5 pinion planetary,( not the wimpy aftermarket 5 pinion planets with inferior castings), larger torrington bearings and a hardened reaction hub. The input drum is modified to resist breakage and forward piston replaced with a stronger design, the Reaction sun shell is replaced with a super duty shell which is substantially thicker in the fragile spline area than even the latest GM upgraded shell. We use billet servo assemblies for both the second and 4th gear servo for unparallel holding force but with streetable shift comfort. The Reverse drum is modified and a High Carbon 2-4 band with reinforced anchor points. The ¾ clutch pack has increased capacity of a stock pack and uses special spring sets in the spring packs to help prevent centrifugal apply at high rpm. The pump and valve body are extensively upgraded and modified for increased oil volume and pressure and the TCC circuit is modified for positive converter clutch application. These units come with our Torque Max torque converter with clutches tailored to your specific ECM programming. Standard stall speeds are available from 1600 up to 2500 rpm but stall speeds up to 4500 are available as an extra cost option.

$3,562.36 — $3,737.36

For optional billet 300M output shaft add $535.00 2WD – $565.00 AWD (recommended for NOS and Supercharged applications)

Optional Billet Pump rotor package with billet rings add 
$146.00 (recommended for NOS and Supercharged applications)


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