This is the next step for those needing a higher stall converter than can be achieved with the 298MM torque converter as used in the 2004R,700R4, 4l60E and 4L65E.



You save $118.90 (20%)!

This converter can be built with stall speeds ranging from 2800 to over 4500rpm. We use a special clutch in this converter that has more surface area than even the larger 298MM converter and a special heavy duty dampener with hardened splines. The converter features Torrington bearings and a heavy duty sprag, full furnace brazing and tig reinforced fins, anti ballooning plate and hardened turbine splines. These are custom built to your specifications and fully computer balanced. A very strong and reliable converter that gives you incredible acceleration potential and still retains the converter clutch for easy, low heat highway cruising.


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