#PTGM18/258HS Billet Cover

#PTGM18/258HS Billet Cover

This converter has a flash stall speed of up to 3200 rpm but drives like a much tighter converter.


This converter combines a 10 inch, fully furnace brazed bowl and turbine, hardened splines and drive hub incredibly strong sprag design, and anti- ballooning technology. It has billet steel heavy duty clutch plate and Heavy Duty damper combined with a performance clutch for solid, reliable lockup durability. The front cover is a machined billet component for reduced weight and unequaled strength. If you want all the performance of a high stall converter, but still require the low speed drivability of a lower stall converter than this is the converter you have been looking for. Fits all TH-700R4 and 93-98 model 4L60E without removable bellhousing. (Can also be built for 2004R applications and early 700R4 as part number PTGM15/258HS)


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