PTGM300/245 is a new 245mm lock-up torque converter for vehicles using the LS series engine and 4L60E transmission.



You save $30.00 (6%)!

This torque converter is available in stall speeds ranging from 2800 to as much as 4000 rpm and features an anti balloon hub, furnace brazed cover tig reinforced fins, Torrington bearings and a lock-up clutch that has an even greater apply area than the full sized 300MM unit it replaces. This converter weighs over 10 lbs less than the stock converter which means less weight on the crank and a quicker revving engine. Like all Phoenix Transmission converters, this unit is built to order for the perfect stall speed match for your application, and is computer balanced.This is a great choice for a cammed up LS engine in a lightweight car that needs a higher stall speed for no creep at idle but still needs good street manners.


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